Its Easy
Make an offer:
Reach Agreement With Seller
(price, condition, pickup location
pickup time, payment) Shipping Options.


Option 1

You handle everything.
There Are No Fees.

Option 2

Grnee picks up, stores, delivers
items to buyers, collects payment.
Fee Paid When The Item Sells

Option 3

Downsizing or Selling
A Large Number Of Items
Request a Consultant Visit
Fee Paid When The Item Sells


Grnee Prime members are eligible
to borrow items from the Grnee Store.

Free Delivery with 10 mile radiusPriority Borrowing From Grnee Storexyzxyzxyz


Q: What Items Can I Store & Lend?
A: High Quality items that you don't want to sell but are rarely used



Q: Safety


Q: How does borrowing work?


Q: What type of items am i prohibited from selling?
A: Alcohol; Firearms / Weapons / Knives; Medical Devices, Medical Drugs, Illegal Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Used cosmetics, Human Remains / Body Parts. All sales must comply with local, state and federal law.

Q: What Items can I sell

Q: Is there a fee for selling

Store & Lend

Q: Is there a fee for selling

On Demand Services

Q: What type of on demand services do you offer?
A: Lawncare, Pet Sitting, House Sitting,

Q: How often should you Clean your home?
A: Once a week.

Selling Tips

Sell Items When You Stop Using Them.
Downsize / DeClutter.

Meet Strangers In A Public Place
Let Us Solve This Problem

Save Boxes, Manuals And Documents.
Sell Faster And Get A Higher Price

Too Busy To Wait Around For Buyers?
Let Us Solve This Problem

Take Care Of Your Stuff.
Sell For Twice The Price

Get An Easy Hassle-Free Solution?
Let Us Provide It.

Grnee Prime

Membership Fee: $75/YrPriority Borrowing From Grnee StoreReduced Storage Feesxyzxyzxyz

On Demand Services


Equipment and Supples Included
Trained & Certified Staff
Flexible Schedules

Phone: 480-378-8699

we promote from within

Competitive Pay

Great CoWorkers

Benefits After 90 Days

Inclusive Work Environment

Multiple Bonus Opportunities



Genie, Associate (PT to FT)

Garage, Associate (PT to FT)

Bill Shrink, Associate (PT to FT)

Office Cleaning, Associate (PT to FT)

Home Cleaning, Associate (PT to FT)

Basic Requirements

Pass a Drug Test.
Read & Speak English.
Generally, must be 18 or older.
Pass Criminal Background Check.
Have access to a cellular connected smartphone.
US citizen or legally authorized to work in the USA.
Have access to reliable transportation to get to work.
Able to complete assignments with minimal supervision.
Agree to never work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Additional Requirements

job function specific requirements